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 When we have asked people what they want from a counselling service, we have found that most say 'privacy', 'respect', 'confidentiality', 'someone who won't judge me badly', and 'someone who won't think I am crazy'.


At ACAPS we are trying to provide each of those things.  Our counselling room is  discreetly positioned inside The Lazy Frog Centre, in the Uplands, and there are a few other therapies that go in in the same building, (including Flotation; Hypnotherapy; Massage; Crystal Massage; Reiki; Waxing and Botox treatments) so if anyone you knew saw you go in or come out, nobody will know that you were there for counselling.  


In America, having a therapist is a sign of having money, being modern and fashionable.  In the UK, it isn't quite the same.  There still seems to be stigma attached to the idea of having a therapist or a counsellor, and the words 'mental health' can still seem frightening.  We do however all have mental health - that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with any of us.  Some of us have healthier mental health than others, and what counselling can do is help you to recover and keep your mental health healthy.  


We have found that some adults will go to their GP when things are wrong, but may end up joining long waiting lists for counselling. Others often approach charitable organisations but sadly their waiting lists are often incredibly long too. We understand how frustrating it can feel when you courageously reach out for help and there is no one there for you. Equally we acknowledge how despondent you can feel knowing that you have many months to wait before someone can offer you the help you so rightfully deserve. At SWAN we are here to offer our counselling services to you. As you are reading this, it is quite possible that you have never before spoken to anyone about your problems.  Whether you are a professional, a stay at home mum, a doctor, a policeman, a carer, a shop worker, a teacher or unemployed we will treat you exactly for what and who you are - a human being who needs a little help at the moment.



Vulnerable Adults

Who is a vulnerable adult?


A vulnerable adult is a person aged 18 years or over who may be unable to take care of themselves, or protect themselves from harm or from being exploited. This may be because they have a mental health problem, a disability, a sensory impairment, are old and frail, or have some form of illness.


ACAPS CBT Psychotherapists have experience of working with vulnerable adults and are all able to work with this client group.