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General Anxiety

It is natural to worry, to feel nervous, or anxious sometimes. After all, it is such natural anxieties that can help us to survive – worrying about letting children go out to play on their own enables parents to teach them how to look after themselves first.  Being nervous about an exam may encourage you to revise more, however, if anxiety is excessive, exaggerated or continuous, or if you have feelings of anxiety, or feel worried without any obvious reason to worry, it can become a problem.  Do many of your thoughts begin with “What if….” ?


There are lots of things that people might feel anxious or overly anxious about, for example : meeting work targets;  neighbours; driving;  behavior of children; sexual inadequacy; relationships; friendships; social networking sites like facebook or formspring; promotion; debt; health and other ‘things’ whilst some people may be anxious about interacting with other people, whether at home or work, or may feel self conscious or inferior in social gatherings, whether that be at the school gate, in the staff room,  at the gym, or perhaps at an evening function.  Cultural differences can cause anxiety too.  


The following are just some physical symptoms that people may experience if their anxiety is heightened :

Trouble falling or staying asleep ; Restlessness; Irritability; Becoming withdrawn / not wanting to go out; Needing to go to the toilet frequently; Over planning (e.g. for exams or presentations) and then becoming overwhelmed; Procrastination; Headaches; Dizziness; Feeling a sense of Panic or experiencing Panic attacks;  Being tearful; Sexual problems; Weight gain or loss; feeling nervous, fearful or even terror

If you worry about worrying, or have so many worries that you are unable to function in your daily life as well as you’d like to, we may be able to help.


Whether your worries are about money, family, work, school, friendships, current affairs or what you read in the newspapers, or something else, our qualified therapists can probably help you to gain a different and more helpful perspective whilst remaining realistic about your concerns.  We do not promise that we can rid you of your worries, however we can help you learn to cope with your anxieties in such a way that you feel empowered and able to manage yourself.


Someone who is anxious and reading this, may have recognised that some of this strikes a chord with them, and may now be beginning to ask themselves questions like


“What if the counsellor doesn’t understand me”;  “What if the counsellor thinks I’m stupid”; “What if I’m not brave enough to tell the counsellor how I feel”


We say this to you ...    “What if you give us a call or come and see us, and it does work – how would that change your life?”

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