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Bereavement Counselling aims to help people move through the process of grief, easing their distress and enabling them to resolve any lingering emotional problems.


Grief is a natural and necessary process following the death of a loved one. Grief, like all emotions, serves an important function in helping us to navigate through life; it allows us to focus on the loss that we have experienced, often in a single minded way and this focus (designed through evolution) enables us to reconfigure our lives in the absence of the person that has died and move forward without them, whilst still holding them in our mind. Managed and understood properly it is possible for grief to lead to healing and personal growth.


Despite its necessity to our survival grief can be painful beyond words, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Grief reminds us how fragile life is and how vulnerable we are and can make life seem meaningless taking away hope for the future.


When might Bereavement Counselling help?


Everyone grieves differently and how you respond to your loss wil depend on the other crises that you have faced, how you have coped with these and also what was lost when the person died. Despite what people say, time is not ‘a great healer’, time is neutral in the process of grief, and it will take as long as it takes.


Grieving is an active process, not a passive one and recovery is a choice. Unfortunately friends and family may be finished with your grief long before you are finished with your need to talk about it. Unexpressed feelings can become distorted and result in you becoming stuck at a particular point in the process of grief unable to move forward. The longer you are stuck the more your distress will intensify. It is at the point that you feel you no longer have an understanding, nonjudgmental listener with whom you can openly acknowledge your feelings and work through your pain that you should consider Bereavement Counselling.