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I wonder what brings you to this page of our website.  Maybe you have received a diagnosis of Bi Polar disorder, or perhaps you know someone else who has.  Perhaps you are curious and wonder if it is something that you or someone you know has.  Maybe you have been offered medication for bi polar disorder but have chosen not to go that route yet, or perhaps you have been on medication for some time. Perhaps you have lived with this 'condition' for a long time.


Bi Polar seems to be recognised by many members of the general public as the condition that Stephen Fry, Kerry Catona and now, Catherine Zeta Jones have been diagnosed with.   You may know that typical symptoms  are mood swings which include periods of high mania and periods of deep depression, but you may not know that there are a number of different types of bi polar.  The link on the left hand side of this page, will point you towards a BBC website that can give you a little more information.


We cannot cure your bi polar symptoms.  What we can try to do though, is try to help you to understand & recognise the triggers that send your mood spiralling, and help you to find healthier ways of coping with your moods than you may currently have.  CBT can help you to help yourself, to understand yourself, and to live with the consequences of your behaviours.


We offer acceptance of you as you are.  We will not judge you.  We would like to try and help the person that is you.


If you are someone who supports another person who has bipolar, we recognise that to live with someone who has mood swings can be difficult, especially if you don't have other support or people to talk to.  Do you feel as though you are treading on egg shells sometimes, worried for the safety of someone else but unable to stop the risky behaviours they are taking, or struggling with the periods of depression, when nothing seems to help make your loved one feel better. Our warm and friendly counsellors can use CBT techniques to help you to help yourself too.





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