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Are you being bullied?


It isn't only children that get bullied.  It happens to teenagers and adults too (men as well as women) - in the workplace, amongst colleagues, or management, within the family, at university and at many other places too - anywhere in fact.  


The bully may be younger or older than you, and may be the same gender or different gender to you.  


To be a victim of bullying can lead to feelings and cognitions of disempowerment, helplessness, humiliation, embarassment, anger, frustration, distress, loneliness, depression, anxiety, worry, shame, guilt, weakness, fear, low self esteem, low confidence and the overwhelming list goes on.  It is quite common for someone to be bullied by more than one person, and on more than one occasion, but it is never your fault !


The person being bullied, may find it difficult to speak up about it to anyone, possibly because to admit it to someone else, means admitting it to yourself, and that's not easy.


Our ACAPS counsellors offer someone to talk to who will not judge you negatively, but who will treat you with respect and kindness, and who will ackowledge how difficult it is to talk about.   Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy the counsellor can help you to consider possible ways of dealing with the bully, but can also work with you on repairing the damage that bullying has done, rebuilding your self esteem and self confidence.


Please feel welcome to contact us to arrange an initial assessment to discuss what's going on for you, and hopefully we can work together towards improving things.


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Are you bullying someone else?


We are also open to helping people who bully others, because we recognise that those who bully are frequently troubled themselves.  We'd like to help you stop this destructive behaviour and believe that cognitive behavioural therapy will be an appropriate counselling approach to work with you to this end.  We won't judge you negatively as we want to be supportive and helpful, and recognise your bravery in asking for help.

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