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Are you and your partner/husband/wife struggling with something in your relationship?  Is it a relationship that you still have belief in and want to save or improve?  Do you still have positive feelings for your partner intermingled with the negative ones?  If you can answer yes, and your partner can also answer yes, and both of you are willing to try and work at your relationshp, you may benefit from couple counselling, which is where we'd see both of you at the same time.


Sometimes, that's all that a couple needs - a third person to help each of them be heard by the other, but we are so private about our relationships that finding such a person from within our friends or famililes can seem an impossible task.  That is where a TCAPS counsellor can be of help.  There will be no judgements, no blame, and no taking sides.  Through CBT we may be able to help you see things from a different perspective, and because of our non judgemental attitudes, we will endeavour to make you both feel supported and respected as individuals.


Contact us to arrange an assessment session.    During that session, we will talk over your needs and difficulties and decide together whether we think that the type of counselling we offer will be suitable and helpful to you.


Oh, and just in case you are wondering ...  a couple is a couple - any 2 people in a relationship.