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Family issues & Relationships

We all have relationships with others - our spouses or partners, our children, our work colleagues and bosses, our extended family, our friends, and so on.  When our relationships are working well, they can be a source of great pleasure and comfort.  It is a natural human desire to feel a sense of closeness to others.  


However, sometimes, things go wrong.  Relationships can become difficult, painful, frustrating or distant.  When this happens it can seem confusing.  It may seem as if there is no way to improve a relationship, to move on from a lost relationship, or to communicate within a relationship.


It is not possible to change someone else, but what CBT can help with, is to increase your understanding of your role in the relationship, and to gain perspective on the way that you may be able to move forward whether that means gaining acceptance, or trying out some different techniques, that may lead to different consequences or results.  The difficulty with communication is that very often we can only see things from our own point of view, especially if we are emotionally involved.  ACAPS counsellors will gently help you to explore this view, will listen to you and give you space and respect to talk openly and honestly.


Our main experience is working therapeutically 1:1 with individuals,  however, we are also able to see people together if it seems that that is the most appropriate way of working.  


Please give us a call or email us.  We'll invite you in for an assessment session, and can take it from there.