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Post traumatic stress disorder - Veterans

Experiencing a serious threat to your life or wellbeing, or witnessing the threat to another can lead to the experience of trauma. Our bodies respond to trauma in many different ways.


Post traumatic stress disorder is a response to trauma that includes some or all of the following symptoms: intrusive imagery, flashbacks to traumatic incidents, or sensations from those trauma(s), emotional numbing, fear and or anger and irritability together with an avoidance of anything that reminds you of the trauma.


Individuals commonly try to avoid thoughts and feelings associated with the traumatic event/s, can experience difficulty sleeping with sleep disturbed by nightmares. Many sufferers report feeling a sense of isolation from others and together with frequent angry outbursts this can lead to impaired relationships.


Experiencing difficulty concentrating, always on the alert, experiencing recurrent and intrusive recollections of the traumatic event typically causes intense feelings of distress, making each day a challenge to be endured and lived through with sufferers feeling hopeless about the future.


Although many people typically associate PTSD with those individuals who have been involved in a major disaster or who have faced combat in the armed forces, PTSD can be experienced subsequent to widely different situations.







Clinical trials have shown CBT to be an effective therapy for the management of PTSD. If this is something you think you might benefit from and would like to find out a little more about how we may be of help then our friendly and approachable staff at ACAPS would welcome your call.  

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