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Self Harm

What is self harm?  It may involve cutting, with glass, razors, or other sharp implements; pulling hair out; banging your head against something hard; burning yourself; swallowing poisonous things or taking more tablets than you are prescribed; sticking things in yourself like needles, or other means of deliberately harming yourself.


For some people, self harm may be an isolated incident, whilst for others it may be a regular occurance.  Some clients have described it as similar to an addiction.  It may be something that you do calmly and deliberately, or that you do in the heat of the moment.  People who self harm usually do so whilst in a state of unbearable inner turmoil or distress.  We have put a link on the left of the screen where you can access more information about self harm if you want to.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is one type of counselling that evidence suggests, works well in helping those who self harm which is what SWAN psychotherapists can offer you.  Please contact us if you'd like to arrange an assessment session.  We are also happy to see the loved ones of people who self harm for counselling themselves, as we recognise how difficult this can also be.

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