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"Surely it’s normal to be stressed?"


"Isn’t everyone stressed nowadays?"


Can you identify with what this client had to say?


Do you also feel that stress is just an unavoidable consequence of the hectic lifestyles we typically lead today and that there is nothing you can do about it?  


Whilst it is true that not all stress is bad or destructive and that a certain amount can be motivating and lead to us improving our performance and helping us overcome challenging obstacles, when the level of stress experienced causes distress and the demands we are faced with exceed our perceived ability to cope, CBT can offer a way forward and can help you see that a different kind of life may be possible.


 If you are experiencing difficulty concentrating, feel tense, irritable, feel you can no longer cope, put off  doing tasks, have difficulty sleeping, experience changes in your eating patterns, maybe you are drinking or smoking more than usual then stress might be a problem for you.


CBT can help you identify the stressors, break things down into specific problem areas, learn to problem solve, and ultimately make changes in order to improve the quality of your life in terms of how you manage and respond to stress.


If you think stress is negatively affecting your life and would like to speak to us about how we may be of help then give us a call at ACAPS to find out more. It just might be the first step towards helping you achieve the life you want to lead.

Stress Donnie